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SEO Audit Overview

You are searching for an SEO audit from someone that knows their stuff. Chances are you would like this ASAP so you can begin making meaningful changes. That’s where I come in! I will deploy my unique toolset to make SEO work harder for you. How? By rigorously investigating all components of your business’s SEO presence and delivering a bespoke report containing powerful white hat solutions that will transform your business in a short time. When you employ the recommendations in your custom report you will love the big boost in SEO rankings as you elevate organically, enjoy more engagement on social media, and relish fresh new leads.

Are you ready for comprehensive, impactful, SEO solutions that will level up your business and leave competitors in the dust? Read on.

I am sure by now you have heard of many programs used to compile data about your SEO. You also probably know quite a bit about Google and understand the goal at hand: create SEO that Google devours and in turn lays eggs of gold.

With all the tools available, you still need the human to calculate and prioritize what elements are updated and upgraded on your website, and in what order! Following my audit recommendations, this could be you:


SEO Audit - Astonishing Growth

SEO Audit Components


Technical SEO

Marketing leader Neil Patel once said “No website can stand without a strong backbone. And that backbone is technical SEO.” The reason he said this is because the structure and coding of your website are monumentally important to its success. Most people find this surprising because there’s so much buzz about keywords and content being king, more on this later. Well, in this case, technical SEO is the queen and a happy wife makes a happy life. Often the technical SEO findings include minor changes that can make a speedy and meaningful impact on organic SEO.

Some of the areas I dive into are:

Natural domain authority – how your domain name registration itself plays a vital role in SEO
File naming taxonomy – how file names impact SEO across the web and steps you need to take
CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) – Google’s new determinant of quality and how to prepare your website
Website links & linking – how well your website connects with resources outside of your website and connects different sections within your website
Image optimization tools – critical steps to improving your page load time for desktop and mobile users


On-Page SEO

Have you ever been excited about checking out someone’s website only to find it difficult to use and navigate? Does it seem like some websites weren’t created with the end user in mind? This is where things get downright dirty. Those websites didn’t consider the user’s needs. The user is the customer or client. Messy.

I will audit your on-site SEO. Not only audit it but give you detailed directions on just how to clean it up. Because it’s important to consider how people are using your website, what is effective and what isn’t, and if it is crawlable by search engines or has errors that need correction.

I will carefully scrutinize:

Page structure – a search for visible & invisible elements known as trust markers to search engines and visitors
Site organization – how easy or challenging it is to navigate your website
Landing pages – how to construct topically relevant pages to boost organic rankings
Affiliates – how to handle affiliate products within your website & the required markers for success


Content SEO

In January 1996, the legendary Bill Gates typed the sage words “content is king” into an essay and published it on the Microsoft website. (Incidentally, Google, which started in 1996, has taken this adage to heart and built it into the core of search.) A few years later Andrew Davis said: “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” Given all the above factors you can imagine there have been many content effectiveness studies since 1996. Let’s be frank, you already understand that your website’s content is vital to your business’s success. Working with me we will develop a content strategy to give your customers and clients the satisfying content they want.

Here’s some of what I cover in your audit:

Voice of Google – how to tweak your content to get lots of attention from search engines
Content concept conceptualizer – a mind-bending tool of incredible power for driving content
Become a known SME (Subject Matter Expert) – becoming known as an influencer in your market
Cornerstone/Pillar content – how to leverage long-form blog content to make gains on groups of key phrases
Blog and page content – how to leverage short-form blog content to make gains on keyphrases
Content creation rules – two ways to get search engine attention and 5 ideas for keeping it


Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is a group of actions taken outside of your website that impact how well your website ranks in search. Why is this important? Because it includes how other businesses link to your website, vouching for your credibility. This brings new customers. I will analyze how these factors are improving search engine and user perception of your business’s popularity, relevance, authority, and trustworthiness.

A few of the areas I cover are:

Proactive backlinking – a look at business profiles & review of websites to establish & expand your relevance
Reviews & perks – thought-provoking examples on leveraging external sites to your advantage
Backlink audits & curation – everything you need to know about maintaining your backlinks
Backlink bombing – defense against an underhanded trick for gaining a competitive advantage against you


Social Media SEO

In 2019 a study showed roughly 3.48 billion people actively using social media. For businesses, this info translates to a social media strategy being one of the most potent ways of connecting with customers. If your company isn’t yet leveraging the “power of the social” or your strategy is not high up on your list of value & returns, we need to talk. By leveraging the power of social media you can bring awareness to your business, your goals, and your branding, and easily sell products/services. You have probably purchased from a social media promotion and wonder how companies are doing this. I have answers and will give you a detailed plan that leverages your brand & messaging across multiple platforms, bringing consumers to your business. Once you leverage this powerful juju, you will wonder how your business ever existed before.

My investigation will include:

Social profiles – A thorough review of social media presence with consideration to engagement and general improvements for brand consistency on varying platforms
Hashtags & other tags – a look at tags used on your social platforms woven into your messaging
Extremely brief article – a short impactful article on social marketing for promotional products
Social analytics – information on accessing and leveraging platform-specific analytics for business intelligence


Data-Driven SEO

Let’s talk about data. Data matters. Don’t just take my word for it, consider what marketing guru Geoffrey Moore says: “Without data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.” Yep. While that may sound a tad bit extreme it is a great example. The internet is the freeway, the customers the cars, and your business – the deer.

Your business needs to know accurate data on your digital marketing efforts because when you are armed with data, big changes can happen. I will evaluate and translate your website’s data to find solutions that will outline precisely what to fine-tune on your website to give you a leg up over competitors. Because, believe it or not, many businesses do not yet consider this important. You already have an advantage if you do.

Using some of my favorite tools I will create recommendations that will quickly improve your landscape including:

Google Analytics – an incredible source of demographic information for your business
Google Search Console – a technical dashboard to monitor your website form and function
SEMRush – the most powerful tool on the market for monitoring your rankings & setting your content strategy
HotJar – an indispensable tool for direct user feedback & session monitoring
Webchat – a look at the simplest and most comprehensive ‘final touch’ sales tool available 



You will find your audit report packed full of actionable items that create quick, lasting changes for you. Be forewarned: it will be a bit overwhelming to read but I am here to support you through every step. I will ensure your questions are answered in ways that give you the confidence and support to move forward, into an informed future. 


SEO Q&A Debrief – 60 minutes

Included with every audit is a 60-minute work session to get answers to any lingering questions and ensure you are set in your new direction. 


Working with Brant Soler

I am fun and easy to work with, I take an educational approach and guarantee you will learn a lot when we work together. The process begins with a 15-minute phone/video meeting with you to ensure we’re a good match and align our expectations. I return all correspondence within 2 business days. An SEO audit requires an approximately 10 business-day turnaround, larger companies take a little longer. You will need to temporarily share access to Google Search Console and Google Analytics with my email address. The SEO audit covers your business’s entire digital presence. Your website is the central hub for your digital marketing, the number of pages determines the price of the audit.

Get started on your SEO audit!