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I’m Brant Soler, SEO specialist & digital marketing whiz.

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The cornerstone of digital marketing is strategic transformation, the ability to constantly adjust to market conditions and the continual generation of fresh demand. I specialize in harnessing the voice of Google to drive business goals after 20+ years of leadership in digital marketing & demand generation. The Lean methodology is a major driver in my life: value delivery, waste elimination & continual improvement.

My focus is strengthening the bridges and feedback loops between and within multi-functional organizations to make every operation a win on all sides. I’ve worked both within single departments and across multiple departments to accomplish various goals. My education extends through management skills, business administration and data science. I work in total transparency with a mindset of precision through effective & efficient collaboration.





Plot your customer journey, point by point from discovery to conversion. Leverage psychology & sociology to develop a long term connection between the heart of your target audience and your product or service. Built off the foundational works of Jakob Nielsen & Steve Krug.



Search Engine Optimization touches every level of your web presence from the deepest core of your code out into the world of social media. Prepare your website, as well as your business, for success through fundamental and tactical planning, continual research & data monitoring.



Identify the drivers behind your customer’s choices & blend together market conditions with your content development strategy. Create a set of short, medium and long term goals that are effective, measurable and attainable. Craft your messaging to reach them, where they live.



Analytics for demographics, behavioral analysis, user tracking & conversion funnel management. Competitive keyword research to apply the full weight of an organization on their market. Site scanning & data scraping technology. Powerful, actionable, results.


Growth Driven Design

Based on Lean methodology, the process of growth driven design is a data driven cross departmental approach to whole business development and marketing. The basic level covers the ability to participate while my advanced certification has prepared me to lead.



Gathering, analyzing, interpreting and acting on customer needs leveraging the VOC skillset. Learning the concepts of a Gemba (the act of going to a source for direct understanding) and Kaizen (initializing and sustaining the continual improvement process).

SEO pro tip:

“An unknown component of Domain Authority is derived from your domain registration itself. Did you know that search engines evaluate how long your domain is registered and view it as your commitment to the internet? If your domain name will expire in 6 months, you are only committing to being on the internet for 6 months. Your competitor with 3 years, 6 months until their domain expires will be boosted over you and your other competitor with the 10 year maximum time span until their domain name expires will be above you.” – Brant Soler

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Hi! I’m Brant, it’s nice to meet you!

My life revolves around the meeting of design & data, form & function, where dreams are born and manifest. My job is to support businesses in expressing themselves, reaching customers and thriving, especially in these financially uncertain times. Along my journey I’ve tenaciously consumed continuing education opportunities to stay on top of current practices, collecting a set of tools and competencies that border on bullet proof. I’m a self starter and strong collaborator, always ready to learn, grow and succeed.

feedback loop

feedback loop

“Brant was easily our most knowledgeable Upwork hire when talking about SEO and best practices. He regularly contributed great ideas to improve our documentation and was always available when we needed him. 10/10 Will continue working with him.”
– Nathan Young, More Leads Online,

“Brant helped us redesign our site. He does an incredible job of communicating (keeping an ongoing Google doc of open issues and questions), is quick on turnaround and does quality work. I highly recommend him.”
– Jay Mebane, BootStrap Advisors,

“I highly recommend Brant! He was a pleasure to work with — completely transparent as to how the process would work, gave proactive updates, was a strong communicator and did great work.” – Sam Mathias, BootStrap Brands,

“Brant was great. He accomplished all that I asked in a timely manner. He is very knowledgeable in his craft. He was able to provide a range of solutions for the issues and tasks that I had. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brant, or to hire him myself again. For anyone that would like to see his work, feel free to check out my website @ He was able to add in all the features that I requested and optimized it for SEO purposes. It’s been about 2 weeks and my business is already noticing more calls and referrals. Thanks Brant!”
– Dr. Jake Hollingsworth, Pacific Psychiatric Centers,

“Brant did a great job listening to my needs and making thoughtful, innovative suggestions. He was responsive and demonstrated expertise, competence and prodigious energy.” – Steve Preda, Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) Coach,

“Brant is exceptionally intelligent and demonstrates complete mastery of the skill sets in which he indicates proficiency. With one conversation about my organization’s objectives he proffered an extraordinarily prescient vision of the possible and a detailed plan to achieve it. He rendered every agreed upon deliverable ahead of schedule and with a degree of execution that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend him to anyone committed to working with top tier talent. I look forward to working with Brant again.”
– Michael Verde, Memory Bridge,

“Brant was excellent at communicating with me about each aspect of my project. He was able to complete the work quickly and with accuracy. He understood my vision for what I wanted and made it come to life. I would definitely work with Brant again in the future!” – Kim DeMoss, Project Mindful Movement,

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