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I’m Brant Soler, SEO specialist & digital marketing whiz.

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The cornerstone of digital marketing is strategic transformation, the ability to constantly adjust to market conditions, and the continual generation of fresh demand. I specialize in harnessing the voice of Google to drive business goals after years of leadership in digital marketing & demand generation. The Lean methodology is a major driver in my life: value delivery, waste elimination & continual improvement.

My focus is on strengthening the bridges and feedback loops between and within multi-functional organizations to make every operation a win on all sides. I’ve worked both within single departments and across multiple departments to accomplish various goals. My education extends through management skills, business administration, and data science. I work in total transparency with a mindset of precision through effective & efficient collaboration.





Scope out the work to be completed, assemble professional talent, and deliver. Further develop talent to increase the quality of work produced and take a deep dive into the industry, vertical & competition to spot and capitalize on trends. Contact me to talk about your project.



Clearly and accurately communicate to your audience. Build trust, earn search engine respect, and expand market share. Develop an evergreen website to get ahead of algorithm updates, chase industry trends & tell your story to prospective customers.



Plot your customer journey, point by point from discovery to conversion. Leverage psychology & sociology to develop a long term connection between the heart of your target audience and your product or service. Built off the foundational works of Jakob Nielsen & Steve Krug.


Growth Driven Design

Based on Lean methodology, the process of growth driven design is a data driven cross departmental approach to whole business development and marketing. The basic level covers the ability to participate while my advanced certification has prepared me to lead.



Analytics for demographics, behavioral analysis, user tracking & conversion funnel management. Competitive keyword research to apply the full weight of an organization on their market. Site scanning & data scraping technology. Powerful, actionable, results.



Scale delivers the ability to microfocus optimization within a matrix of market, vertical & industry to continually deliver reliable results. Enterprise clients are capable of building and deploying a depth of knowledge of their craft or product unparalleled in the marketplace.

SEO pro tip:

“Understanding the term “Voice of Google” is a watershed moment for a business owner or content creator. The full phrase should be “Becoming the Voice of Google where Google is choosing your words as the representation of the keywords you are targeting”, but “Voice of Google” is easier to remember. There is a process to it, first you need to strip out every little technical error in your web presence to set the stage for greatness. The second thing you need to do is establish your link neighborhood by balancing out internal and external links in your content before starting your new content campaign around your target keywords. Sounds simple, right?” – Brant Soler, SEO Consultant

My clients include

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“SEO is like a resume, you polish it so you have your best foot forward.”
– Matt Cutts

Hi! I’m Brant, it’s nice to meet you!

My life revolves around the meeting of data, form & function, where dreams are born and manifest. My job is to support businesses in expressing themselves, reaching customers and thriving, especially in these financially uncertain times. Along my journey I’ve tenaciously consumed continuing education opportunities to stay on top of current practices, collecting a set of tools and competencies that border on bullet proof. I’m a self-starter and strong collaborator, always ready to learn, grow and succeed.

feedback loop

feedback loop

“Making the decision to work with Brant has proven to be an absolutely critical step at this stage for my business When you’re aiming to compete with the big dogs in your market, you have to set the bar pretty high. Brant just recently sent me his carefully, well-documented, custom-tailored website audit. What I now have in my possession is an extensive set of tools that will undoubtedly aid in strengthening the backbone of the business. From social media leveraging, to strategically anticipating the next step of my clientele, Brant covers all the bases in the audit. It’s been a great pleasure working with Brant. He’s full of positive energy and is a pleasant person to work with. I am looking forward to working more with Brant and achieving the end results that I set out for.” – Brian Thornton, Student Housing Works
“Brant provided immense value during our 1-hour SEO consultation. His recommendations for our site Penny Pilot pointed us in the right direction and helped us create an actionable roadmap.” – RJ, Penny Pilot
“Brant has worked with our organization since March of 2020 as our Search Engine Optimization Expert in building a new website. In this time, he has surpassed all expectations I had regarding his skills and abilities related to the project role. He has extended his responsibilities in this team to guide the project deliverables for SEO compliance and act as the SEO integration expert with content, technical, and marketing knowledge.

“I have never seen an individual learn the business verticals as quickly as Brant. He is known within the project as the de facto expert in these areas and has been an incredible team member. He ensures his knowledge is accessible to anyone who needs it. Additionally, the speed and accuracy with which Brant works is an absolute joy to watch. He has a high quality of output and is extremely clever in how he applies industry standards to the company’s needs.

Brant’s communication and documentation skills consistently go above and beyond requirements. He was extremely valuable to our team and I believe will make a tremendous impact in his next role. We completed our project successfully and I would work with him again given the opportunity.” – Angela Rogers, Director of Creative Services, Accruent – A Fortive Company

“Brant is a Jedi master of SEO and a great communicator who’s fun to work with. He produced an extensive audit of our website on short notice that blew us away, and then made himself available for over an hour to answer questions. He will take a 30,000-foot view of your business (rather than a glance at trendy website tools/metrics – although he’s very analytical) to determine how best to help you reach your goal(s). We’ve already planned to hire him again for another project. Superb work!!” – Christopher Resler, Fit Recovery
“I hired Brant to help with building the Technical SEO of my new food blog/recipe site Single & Hangry ( He was extremely professional, reliable, informative, and very easy to talk to! He has immaculate attention to detail and thinks like how Google thinks, both of which are imperative for SEO optimization. He honestly never ceased to impress me from the first proposal he sent to our last meeting together. It was my first experience working with an SEO specialist and I am very thankful I lucked out with Brant! I will definitely be hiring him again.” – Angelina Ryan, Single and Hangry

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